Making Sense of Social Media to Guide Research Agenda

Project Number
DEV 02/14 LA

Project Duration
July 2014 - October 2016


This is a proof-of-concept project that aims to develop a knowledge application/utilization process that will employ social media listening tool to sieve through and filter out meaningful conversations, mine the data for insights on the social media, and represent the findings in suitable reports and/or infographics to understand how to best use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness and integrate social media into our KM strategy. It is part of our KM team's effort to develop a greater awareness of the suite of strategies to implement KM in NIE with the intention to seek and identify if social media listening tools could also be part of the strategy. We see social media as a conduit or channel to wider public engagement. In this proof-of-concept project, we will explore the area of English Language education, a research theme that has been prioritized by OER and MOE as a key area of research which will then be rolled out to the other research themes.

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