Creating a Corpus Data Bank (CDB) in Tamil to Investigate the Impact of Standard Spoken Tamil (SST) and to Provide Pedagogical Guidance to Tamil Teachers on Standard Spoken Tamil in Singapore

Project Number
DEV 03/15 SL

Project Duration
January 2016 - February 2019


This project aims to develop a Corpus of Tamil Classroom Data to study the Standard Spoken Tamil (SST) on its enactment and impact in Tamil Education. This project will provide empirical evidence on the use of SST in the Tamil classrooms from Primary and to Secondary levels. SST has been recommended by the Tamil Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee (Ministry of Education, 2005) to introduce measures to enhance the teaching and learning of Tamil language in the classrooms. This project will examine the enactment of the recommendations of the review committees (MOE, 2005, Seetha Lakshmi et al., 2006). This developmental project will bridge a link between the theory and practice of the new Tamil curriculum and SST in the Tamil classroom.

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