Investigation of making-centered learning spaces in Singapore schools to promote students' interests in Science and Technology

Project Number
DEV 04/14 WLK

Project Duration
January 2015 - November 2017


The literature has provided empirical evidences and findings that afforded by makerspaces in terms of identity and pro-STEM attitudes. However, makerspaces are highly context sensitive, and while it may be possible to study an already established makerspace, the benefits of such a niche may not be obvious as different contexts demand different arrangements.The objectives of this proposed development project are to establish makerspaces in Crest Secondary, a Low Progress Learner (LPL) context; and to develop a handbook on the documentations and rules to build makerspaces that can be applicable and replicable to more school contexts in Singapore. We intend to document learning affordances, contextual conditions (e.g., community-building mechanisms, infrastructural settings), dos and don'ts around the development of such ground-up initiative in education.

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