Investigations on Materials under High Repetition and Intense Fusion Pulses

Project Number
IAEA-Investig Materials

Project Duration
November 2011 - January 2016

In-Progress (Extended)

One of the key issues still to be resolved in the quest for fusion energy production is the characterization, qualification (testing) and development of advanced plasma facing materials capable of withstanding the e>-ireme radiation and heat loads expected in fusion reactors. Fundamental understanding of plasma-wall interaction processes in mainstream fusiori. devices requires dedicated R&D activity in plasma simulators used in close connection with material characterization facilities as well as with theory and modelling activities. The present CRP will use the pool of existing plasma accelerators in various Member States to contribute to the knowledge-based understanding of the performance and adequacy of candidate plasma facing materials (different tungsten grades and coatings, beryllium, CFC, SiC) of next step fusion devices under extreme energy and particle loads. The CRP will provide (i) a data base of erosion behaviour of selected materials under different heat and particle load conditions and various sample treatment scenarios, and (ii) a comprehensive analysis of plasma-surface interaction processes under high repetition and intense fusion-relevant pulses. In addition, this CRP will help lay, through building collaborations among scientists in the Member States, the foundation for practical applications of powerful plasma accelerators in material science.

Funding Source
International Atomic Energy Agency

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