Design and Development of a 2.5 kJ Plasma Focus Device with Experiments on Electrical and Soft X-ray Optimizations

Project Number
Kansas-Plasma Focus Device

Project Duration
August 2009 - November 2009

In-Progress (Extended)

The proposed project collaboration, aims to design and develop a cost-effective, single shot (0.2 Hz), low energy (2.5kJ) PF device for Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University (KSU) to initiate the plasma focus research under the leadership of Dr Ali Abdou. Though, the initial collaboration phase will only involve the construction and optimization of the KSU-PF device for its electrical and soft x-ray emission efficiency but it is hoped that through it will open the pathways for long term research collaboration and so that later on other complex experiments on understanding the physics of high temperature, high-density plasma and the various instabilities phenomena during the pinch phase, hard x-ray emission and their application in radiography, neutron emission characteristics and their application in pulsed fast neutron activation analysis can be explored.

Funding Source
Kansas State University

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