PCSWMM Calibration and Link with OMS for Kranji Catchment

Project Number
NUS-PCSWMM Calibration & Link with OMS

Project Duration
February 2015 - November 2015


Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) has an Operational Management System (OMS) in place to support reservoir water quantity and quality management for its inland freshwaters. The OMS system has been setup by NUSDeltares through its research institutes and partners at NUS and Deltares. Ideally, PUB would have one OMS in which all its catchment and freshwater reservoir models are schematised. Kranji Catchment Reservoir System has not been integrated yet, into the existing OMS. Therefore, NUS had agreed with PUB to work towards integration of the Kranji Catchment Reservoir System into OMS as a task within a Research Agreement “Water Quality Management Implementation and Support”. Kranji Catchment Reservoir System was developed by NTU scholars and it is therefore that NUS seeks the support of NTU to successfully work towards integration of Kranji Catchment Reservoir System into the PUB OMS.

Funding Source
A/P Vladan Babovic

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