The Singapore Mathematics Assessment and Pedagogy Project (Phase Three)

Project Number
OER 01/10 FLH

Project Duration
July 2010 - August 2014


This proposed project is intended to be Singapore Mathematics Assessment and Pedagogy Project (SMAPP): Phase Three. Overall, the SMAPP project is to be a strategic project under the Office of Educational Research (OER). It is an RD & I (Research, Development and Innovation) project with the focus on new assessment concepts and strategies, a key strand of the “Pedagogy and Classroom Process” research programme under OER/NIE overall research framework. Its focus areas include mathematics assessment, teacher professional development, and the integration of ICT in mathematics teaching and learning. Phase One and Phase Two of the SMAPP project, as two preparation stages, were approved at the OER/NIE level. The research work under Phase One started in Sept. 2008 and completed in July 2009, with the focus on developing assessment framework, realistic tasks and resource materials based on an innovative formative assessment approach that integrates assessment into instruction. Phase Two continued research work started in Phase One, with a new focus on the classroom-based intervention, covering the period from Jul. 2009 to Mar. 2010. This project, Phase Three, is a continuation of the previous two phases. It is planned to start in May. 2010 and complete in Dec. 2011. The assessment approach investigated in the project has the following two unique characteristics: Firstly, assessment should perform three functions: (a) document what teachers and students have achieved (assessment of learning); (b) help teachers and students identify strengths and weaknesses of students’ learning in mathematics, and make meaningful decisions to improve teaching and learning based on the information gathered from the assessment (assessment for learning); (c) engage students and teachers in worthwhile educational experiences as part of the assessment process, so the process of doing assessment tasks is also a process of learning (assessment as learning). The assessment approach advocated in this project will primarily use extended, investigative or open-ended, and reflective tasks as these are seen to be able to capture authentic, real-life “doing” of mathematics. The process is formative and developmental; and the delivery is IT-integrated, whenever appropriate. Secondly, the project is to address some major issues and concerns about our schools’ mathematics education in classroom assessment practice, students’ achievement, and teacher professional development. In particular, it will provide a new systematic and research-based approach and strategies for developing students’ high-order thinking skills (e.g., creative and critical thinking skills, meta-cognitive skills), problem solving abilities (especially in mathematics application and modelling), and other desired learning outcomes (e.g., communication skills, positive mathematics value and appreciation) in our local school mathematics classrooms. It will also add new knowledge on how teachers can develop professionally in classroom teaching, particularly in the area of new assessment concepts and strategies. This is an inter-disciplinary project. The project team consists of faculty and research staff from different departments of NIE and curriculum specialists from CPDD/MOE. The undertaking of this project will make important contributions to the development of educational research in Singapore, and enhance the research capability of NIE, which fits NIE’s vision as an institute of distinction.

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