Understanding Singaporean Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment

Project Number
OER 03/12 KKH

Project Duration
July 2012 - September 2016


We propose a baseline empirical study to examine Singaporean teachers' conceptions of assessment and the influences of contextual factors. A review of the relevant literature reveals that most of the empirical studies on teachers' conceptions of assessment have relied heavily on a singular research method. The uniqueness of the proposed research is our use of mixed-methods design, which comprises a survey method and a phenomenographic approach. Specifically, a large-scale survey will be administered to 1,500 Singaporean teachers to examine their conceptions of assessment and how the various contextual factors have influenced their conceptions. A sub-sample of 40 teachers will be purposefully selected for our phenomenographic interview. Data analyses will include the use of the following robust methods: exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis,ANOVA, path analysis, and coding of themes. The empirical findings will inform the planning and design of both pre-service and in-service teacher education programs at NIE as well as assessment-related policy making by MOE. We also seek to provide reliable and valid research instruments to support the world-wide initiative to build teachers' capacity in assessment for the improvement of teaching and learning in the context of 21st century.

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