How do Experienced Learning Designers Differ from Novice Designers When They Design for Game-based Learning?

Project Number
OER 03/14 JMF

Project Duration
June 2014 - March 2017


The project seeks to understand how novice and experienced learning designers differ in their ability to design learning contexts and learners’ experience for 21st century competencies. The findings—design expertise—will inform us to design PD models which intend to develop teachers’ expertise in designing learning contexts, especially for using games to develop collaborative problem-solving skills. The method is a qualitative case study of six experts and six novices. Experts are defined as experienced design-based resarchers who have designed learning contexts for at least four years. Among them, three specialize in GBL. Novices are defined as pre-service and in-service teachers who rarely or have not designed learning contexts as novices. Among them, 3 have used games in their classrooms while 3 have not. All participants will be asked to design a lesson plan using a game developed by the PI (Green City Blues, OER 9/11 JMF). The participants will first play the game, then develop a lesson plan based on their understanding of the game. They will present their lesson plan to the research team explaining the learning goals, the perceived affordances of the game, the purpose for the activities, and how they solved design challenges. Each participant will also be interviewed after the presentation.

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