Developing Baseline Data About Existing Assessment Practices in Literacy and Numeracy in P1/P2 Classrooms

Project Number
OER 06/09 KN

Project Duration
September 2009 - February 2012


The proposed research project aims to develop baseline data about assessment practices in literacy and numeracy in P1/P2 classrooms. It also aims to gather data from teachers, parents and students on their perceptions of existing and suggestions for alternative assessments as indicated in the following two key documents: • Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) dated 27 January 2009 • Programme 4: Pedagogy & Classroom Practice dated 9 March 2009 This project will be carried out in collaboration with CRPP in 8 P1/P2 classrooms selected by MOE CPDD. The CRPP will be collecting data on existing assessments by interviewing teachers and students as well as collecting assessment work samples. The ECSE Research Team, on the other hand, will be carrying out observations in the P1/P2 classrooms to get an understanding of the teaching and learning processes as well as to identify the needs of teachers and students. They will also be interviewing teachers, parents and students using a semi-structured questionnaire to solicit their views on existing assessments and suggestions for alternative assessments. The information gathered from the observations, work samples study and interviews will be used as baseline data for future reforms in assessments for P1/P2 classrooms. As this study will fit well with several other studies which have been done in the area of assessment (refer to Projects listed on pp4-11 under the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning AG, NIE) and is anchored in the recommendations of the PERI Report and MOE’s proposed reforms, it will have an impact on the classroom practices in Singapore.

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