A Mobile-Assisted Game-Based Learning Environment to Improve Pupils' Chinese Character and Phrase Learning

Project Number
OER 06/10 WLH

Project Duration
December 2010 - September 2013


As an attempt to formalise and eventually scale up a relevant one-off trial run under the umbrella of an ongoing IDM project, we attempt to leverage on the mobile technology to design a 1:1 (one smartpone per pupil) learning environment to engage primary school students in ongoing game-based learning activities for collaborative Chinese character and phrase composing. To elevate our activity design from a seemingly ad-hoc, one-off game playing to a pedagogical-oriented collaborative learning activities that genuinely facilitate or enhance the studentsÂ’ learning growth over the time, we envisage the learning activities to be conducted on a regular basis with varied teacher/technological scaffolds, game rules and activity modes (such as forming characters to forming phrases). To carry out the proposed design-based research study, we propose a pedagogical framework that is well-grounded in second language acquisition theories, dual-coding theory and revised Bloom's taxonomy to guide the activity design by the teachers and the researchers. Collaborative learning principles will be adopted for analysing students' collaborative learning patterns and strategies emerged during the learning activities which has the potential to result in the distilling of new Computer-supported Collaborative Learning theories or frameworks.

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