Secondary Analyses of Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M)

Project Number
OER 07/11 BKL

Project Duration
November 2011 - February 2014


The aim of this new project is to gain further knowledge and insights into mathematics teacher education in Singapore and overseas institutions through secondary analyses of the data collected in the international TEDS-M project (Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics). During the duration of this proposed study, the international reports from the TEDS-M study should be completed and the international data made available for secondary analyses. This project builds on the work completed under the previous EdRF-funded TEDS-M project (EP No 5/06 WKY), which was completed in March 2011. The secondary analyses will examine four main areas: (a) comparison of the performance in mathematics content knowledge (MCK) and mathematics pedagogical content knowledge (MPCK) of NIE student teachers in the Degree C-series and A-series; (b) factors that might explain the performance in MCK and MPCK using factors such as beliefs, gender, opportunities to learn (OTL) at NIE (for Singapore data) and other institutions (international data), and demographic information; (c) further analyses of OTL as perceived by teacher educators and future teachers; (d) composite descriptions of performance in MCK, MPCK, and General Pedagogy to delineate the relationships among these constructs. These analyses should provide relevant information for NIE teacher educators to use as "evidence" for the next round of review of NIE TE21 and stimulate development of theories of mathematics teacher education based on findings using the international database.

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