Situating and Contextualising Professional Development for Sustained Practice and Learning in School

Project Number
OER 07/14 WLY

Project Duration
July 2014 - March 2019


Since 2010, Singapore Sport School has actively engaged in 2 cycles of professional development. Each cycle spanned two years with a different focus to plan and strategize its processes for teaching and learning – quality assessment (2010-2011) and critical thinking (2012-2013). The school is now planning a third cycle with the focus on differentiated instruction. With such an entrenched culture for professional development, it would be useful to delve deeply into the professional development cycle to understand the intended conditions to facilitate professional growth, teachers’ perceptions of these conditions, the ways in which professional development inform the enactment and sustenance of practice, as well as the achievements of professional development such as shifts in students’ learning and teachers’ readiness. Aligning with the timeline for the third cycle of professional development in the school (2014-2016), this mixed methods study intends to situate and contextualise the professional development cycle for sustained practice and learning in Singapore Sports School by investigating its: (1) intended conditions; (2) enacted process; and (3) achieved outcomes.

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