Mathematical Progress and Value for Everyone

Project Number
OER 09/12 LYH

Project Duration
May 2012 - July 2014


The project we propose is about doing research on helping Normal (Academic) students improve in their learning of mathematics. We start with the recognition that a complex confluence of factors contribute to students' low achievement. It is not restricted to their difficulties with the traditional 'content' domain - the subject matter of mathematics is viewed as difficult to grasp and they lack good foundations in mathematical knowledge. Other factors that contribute towards/hinder their learning include metacognitive dispositions, learning habits, threshold for frustration, feelings of confidence etc. It is our stance that efforts that can result in sustainable improvements in their achievement should take into consideration all these interacting factors that influence their learning of mathematics. In other words, to help low achievers make long-term gains, we need to cater to their affective as well as their cognitive needs. In particular, we propose a framework that attends to the following areas: Mathematical content resources, Problem Solving disposition, Feelings towards the learning of mathematics, and Study habits.

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