The influence of a collaborative PD programme on teachers’ self-efficacy and its sustainability in teaching low progress students

Project Number
OER 09/16 WLY

Project Duration
September 2016 - August 2019


Teachers’ self-efficacy (TSE) is highly influential in affecting teacher quality and educational outcomes. In the authors’ previous project (Teacher efficacy in the context of teaching low-achieving students in Singapore, OER 23/12 JW), the authors found that teachers of low progress (LP) students faced the challenge of meeting various cognitive and affective needs of LP students and reported a significantly lower level of self-efficacy in comparison to teachers of high-achieving students (see Wang et al., 2015; Wang et al., In Press). One significant implication of these findings to teacher learning is that impactful professional development (PD) programmes should move towards more specialized trainings on the cognitive, social and psychological needs of LP students and create more positive experiences that provide constructive sources of efficacy information (SEI) to support teachers develop and maintain a high level of self-efficacy. Following this line, the authors designed a PD programme for enhancing secondary school English teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching LP students. The programme consists of three components that create different kinds of positive teaching and learning experiences, providing seven particular SEI for the participants. This study aims to examine the influence of the three components of this PD programme on teachers’ self-efficacy and its sustainability. The results will allow the researchers to understand how the three key components of the programme promote (enduring) TSE growth, and thus provide insights into how PD programmes could be developed and implemented to facilitate TSE gains. The results should inform design processes and course evaluation of PD programmes for enhancing TSE in teaching LP students. The results will also be useful from the perspective of PD resources management, helping educational policy makers channel resources to particular aspects/features of PD programmes that have potential to contribute to enduring changes in TSE in this specific teaching context.

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