An Exploratory Study of the Effectiveness of a Literature-driven English Curriculum in Improving the English Language Skills of Normal (Technical) Students

Project Number
OER 10/08 MDP

Project Duration
March 2009 - February 2011


A similar curriculum initiative project was conducted in Singapore in 2004 as part of the principal investigator's doctoral research. The curriculum, named the Literature-Driven English Curriculum (LDEC), was found to be effective in improving specific English language skills, particularly in the areas of reading comprehension and writing skills, of the students in four diverse schools. These students were from the Express and Normal (Academic) streams. The curriculum was an integrated English and Literature programme in which literature was used as a tool to facilitate the learning of language skills as well as analytical skills. Currently, there is a lot of interest in the integration of language and literature when teaching English. MOE has embarked on its `langlit' programme for implementation in schools in stages from 2010 onward. There are also individual schools that are experimenting on an integrated English and Language programme. In the proposed research, the LDEC will be adapted for lower secondary Normal (Technical) students in two schools so as to discover if the curriculum would be effective in improving these students' English language skills as well. The first half year will be spent in studying the student profile and needs before the LDEC, in consultation with the teachers teaching the classes, is adapted for these students. In the second half of the year, the curriculum will be implemented and its effects studied. The naturalistic environment would be left intact and the effect of variables, such as gender, class and school cultures and different ability levels, will be studied to discover if any of these may have an impact on the project's findings. Various kinds of quantitative and qualitative data will be collected so that there will be triangulation of methods and measures. Apart from pre and post tests, students will be interviewed, observed and surveyed while data from teachers will be collected through the log books they will keep and through interviews.

Research Themes
English Language & Mother Tongue Languages

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