Integrating Classroom Discourse Corpus for Reflective Practice and Professional Development

Project Number
OER 11/12 HHQ

Project Duration
June 2012 - March 2016


Taking a corpus-based approach to teacher education, this study intends to identify and bridge the gap between teachers' belief and practice in classroom practice by making use of interactive content and application solutions of the corpus-based studies of educational discourse in Singapore schools to aid in-service teachers' reflective practice and professional development. As a value-added module and significant application of a series of corpus-based studies on teachers' classroom practice, the project is proposed to apply the SCoRE (Hong, 2005; Hong & Doyle, 2009) corpus database and related findings, adopt the evidence-based approach to teacher education, develop interactive training materials from the corpus, and integrate to the present teacher training and professional development schemes and programs. By doing this we hope to reveal aspects of variation and gap between teachers' beliefs and practices, explore the best practice of applying corpus approach to teacher education, evaluate its application and significance, and thus contribute to the larger goals of NIE/OER's main research program.

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