Visualising and Performing Character and Citizenship through Digital Storytelling

Project Number
OER 11/15 PT

Project Duration
June 2015 - June 2018


The proposed research study aims to identify and explore the affordances of digital media as performance spaces through the arts in a specific school curriculum area?Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). Following incoming and ongoing cohorts of NT/NA students in an out-of-school or co-curricula programme (either existing or newly-established), we intend to facilitate/scaffold the creation and dissemination of personalised, digital 'heritage walks' that trace, document and recount (through immersive and interactive media) the changing historical, linguistic and cultural landscapes of Singapore over the lower secondary years in the first phase of the study (a second planned phase and a possible extension will follow the student cohorts into Secondary 3). Through multimodal/semiotic analysis, and multiple comparative and exploratory case studies, we plan, for example, to uncover and explain: (i) how students apply the arts in digital storytelling (DST) to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas about Singapore, (ii) the design and authoring decisions students make in constructing digital stories (semiotically, culturally, socially etc), and (iii) issues surrounding the assessment of students' digital artefacts both formatively and summatively from multiple perspectives. Prototypically, the study design also intends to find out if it's possible to establish a sustainable culture of storytelling and teacher-student, student-student partnerships via the digital arts, and if there are any side-benefits in this kind of engagement in terms of academic performance, school attendance and motivation to teach and learn. Deliverables from the project include: (i) the production and compilation of exemplary unit of work plans in CCE, (ii) the production of guidelines on nurturing digital and social etiquette, and an examination of the values and responsibilities of digital storytellers as consumers, viewers and makers, and (iii) a proposal for an edited volume of international case studies in DST from various aspects including performativity and aesthetics.

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