Understanding and Profiling Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Development Patterns

Project Number
OER 12/10 KHL

Project Duration
April 2011 - February 2014


Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) describes teachers' technology integration expertise as a combination of their technological knowledge (TK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), and content knowledge (CK). Even though it has been received with much enthusiasm by teacher educators, its practical application as a framework for the planning of information and communication technology (ICT) programmes is limited as there is a dearth of empirical studies explicating the process of teachers' TPACK development. The researchers published a preliminary study where regression analysis of TPACK survey responses from 889 NIE teachers found TK, PK, and CK having different levels of impact on teachers' TPACK formation. Another published qualitative paper of 74 NIE pre-service teachers examined a TPACK-developing ICT instructional model. This project extends these studies to develop a baseline profile of TPACK development patterns for Singapore teachers from pre-service to in-service; in both course-based and school-based contexts. The first objective is to profile course-based TPACK development patterns of 80 pre-service and 30 in-service teachers as they attend semester-long ICT modules at NIE. A mixed methods approach will be used where the change in their perceived and manifested TPACK will be tracked through pre and post course TPACK surveys, expert evaluation of ICT lesson plans, and coding of their learning reflections. The second objective of this project is to examine the TPACK development patterns of ICT innovation teams in a collaborating Future school, Beacon Primary School. The TPACK development patterns of three ICT project teams throughout a school year will be examined through qualitative analysis of project group meetings transcripts, focused group interview transcripts, and expert rating of ICT lessons they developed. The influences of factors such as teaching experience, subject specialization and project team characteristics on teachers' TPACK development patterns will also be analyzed. This study maps the different ways with which Singapore teachers develop technology integration expertise. It informs the design of ICT courses and school-based ICT mentoring, which contributes to the enhancement of the theory-practice linkage for this important theoretical construct in the area of educational technology.

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ICT Integration

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