Identifying Computer Habits and Behaviours Among Young Children (K1 & K2) in Singapore

Project Number
OER 12/11 KN

Project Duration
January 2012 - August 2014


The proposed research project aims to develop baseline data on computer habits and behaviours among young children (K1 & K2) in Singapore. Three sets of data will be collected from teachers, parents and children which are as follows: 1) why and how young children use computers; 2) what are the key social and health habits and behaviours of children when using the computer; and 3) what is the role of adults during children's computer use. This project will be carried out in a typical preschool in Singapore. A face-to-face semi-structured questionnaire will be used to interview and collect data from the teachers, parents and children in the preschool. A checklist will also be used to observe and collect data from children both in the preschool and their home. The information gathered from the interviews and observations can be used to inform parents, teachers and other stakeholders on preschool children's computer habits and behaviours. If necessary, this information can be used to develop preventive programmes to protect preschool children against potential health and social risks of computer use as well as address any potential negative habits or behaviours as early as possible and before they have an impact on their later schooling years. Finally, findings from this study can also be used as baseline data to carry out a larger scale study which will contribute to the growing research on various aspects of children and youth in Singapore.

Research Themes
Early Childhood and Preschool Education

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