Singapore Teachers' Perspectives of Diversity and Multicultural Education

Project Number
OER 15/10 HLC

Project Duration
May 2011 - February 2014


This proposed study attends to Singaporean teachers' experiences of diversity and understanding of multicultural education. We aim to illuminate the influence of national policies and narratives on teachers' perceptions and practice. This proposal builds on a pilot study of six teachers conducted in 2009 and published in two international peer-reviewed journals. Findings from the pilot study illustrated that Singaporean teachers faced several constraints in teaching multicultural education for transformative purposes, including the focus on meritocracy and high-stakes testing, and prevailing narrow interpretations of diversity that essentialized individual identity. The primary purpose of this proposed study is: (1) to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of Singapore teachers' beliefs and knowledge about diversity and multicultural education; and (2) to identify the factors that mediate teachers' understanding of their roles within Singapore's multicultural education initiatives. Findings will contribute to the developing of a framework for policymakers, teacher educators, and teachers to better serve the needs of students participating in a multicultural democratic society.

Research Themes
Teacher Learning/PLCs/Lesson Studies

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