Design for Scalability: From a Class Intervention to a Level Intervention

Project Number
OER 16/10 LCK

Project Duration
April 2011 - September 2013


The proposal is an extension of the ongoing collaboration under the Centre of Educational Research and Application (CERA), a partnership of NIE and Nan Chiau Primary School (NCPS). In our earlier collaboration work on the IDM project ''Leveraging Mobile Technology for Sustainable Seamless Learning in Singapore School'', we have developed a viable innovation model (the Seamless Learning Model or SLM in short) by working with a class of primary school students over a period of two school years (a P3 class in 2009 and P4 in 2010). The innovation involves the transformation of the existing science curriculum into an inquiry-based one which leverages the affordances of mobile technologies. Because SLM demonstrated increased student achievement, the school has decided to scale-up the roll-out of the transformed curriculum for four P3 classes in 2011 and all P3 classes in 2012. Research is needed to support such a scale-up in these ways: 1. To study the systemic considerations needed to spread a class intervention to more classes and eventually to a whole grade level; to unpack the organisational / technological / institutional changes needed for sustainable and scalable translation of research into practice; and 2. To adapt and to ''ruggedize'' the innovation for sustainability to retain substantial efficacy in diverse contexts of all classes in the level and in the context of much more teachers adopting it, in which some of the conditions for success are absent or attenuated. 2.1 We need to design a more device independent curriculum intervention, e.g., one that uses slates rather than smartphones. 2.2 We need to develop ongoing professional development resources and practices in order to support the broad range of teachers who need to be educated in the innovation. 2.3 We need to develop continuous formative assessments that can be used by teachers to tailor the instruction to the diverse needs of the classrooms. Thus the initial IDM project established that SLM can raise student achievement This proposal for a follow-on grant explores scalability of SLM to a whole grade level.

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Scaling & Translation

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