A Value-Mediated Approach to Profiling Professional Learning Communities in Singapore Schools

Project Number
OER 18/12 LWO

Project Duration
May 2012 - March 2016


Values underpin how one's mental schema and dispositions are oriented. This study proposes a value-mediated approach to the profiling of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in Singapore schools. As a bottom-up professional learning initiative that drives a new orientation towards teacher education, the right value-orientations are needed as preconditions for teacher receptivity to this new learning culture. Given that the PLC initiative has produced variable results, we are interested in finding out the requisite value-orientations (at teacher, learning team and school levels) conducive to PLC receptivity. We seek to identify the interrelationships between Value Profiles and PLC Quality. In response to the Ministry of Education's (MOE) invitation to collaborate in the evaluation of PLCs in Singapore schools, we propose a mixed methods study that will satisfy the Ministry's need for representative and grounded findings. This baseline study aims to profile PLCs in Singapore schools with the aim of identifying how teachers of different value-orientations should be grouped into learning teams, so as to optimize the effectiveness of collaborative learning. The values addressed relates to Hofstede's concepts of collectivism/individualism, uncertainty avoidance and power distance. For PLC Quality, five dimensions of are selected for the operationalization of this construct. For the value-profiling of successful/promising PLCs to account for the variations in PLC Quality, we plan to develop an instrument adapting from existing measurements related to these constructs. Schools will be selected from the profiles generated from the quantitative survey measurement for an in-depth qualitative inquiry.

Research Themes
Teacher Learning/PLCs/Lesson Studies

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