An Experimental Evaluation on the Effectiveness of a Web Based Training Program in Functional Behavioral Assessment and Interventions with Special Education Schools in Singapore

Project Number
OER 18/14 AD

Project Duration
January 2015 - December 2017


Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and behavioral interventions have been established as ''best practice'' to address a student's challenging behaviors. To meet the professional development needs of school personnel across Special Education (SPED) schools in Singapore, the primary aim of the current study is to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of a training program in the area of Functional Behavior Assessment and Interventions across two instructional modalities a) traditional face to face workshops and b) web based instruction. As higher levels of challenging behaviors are observed across students in SPED schools in Singapore, this training program will be offered to 200 special educators, teaching associates and school/educational psychologists that are involved in the direct care of these children/adolescents. Participants will be randomly assigned across the two instructional groups to compare the effectiveness of each instructional modality in meeting professional needs of SPED school staff in the area of FBA and behavioral interventions. Pre test and post test measures such as the perceived skills rating scale of the Skills and Needs Inventories for Functional Behavior Assessment and Interventions (SNI-FBAI) and a competence measure will be used to assess teacher outcomes. The competency measure that aims to measure achievement gains in FBA and behavioral interventions will be standardized during the course of the study for future use in Singapore. Quantitative methods using parametric and non parametric tests will be used to analyze results.

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