IDM-supported and Web-based Cognitive Tools to Build Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) for Teachers and Students in Mathematics Problem Solving

Project Number
OER 19/08 FYP

Project Duration
April 2009 - August 2011


This project is built on the previous work of two interrelated four-year CRPP projects, ''Developing Repertoire of Heuristics for Mathematical Problem Solving - Project 1 & 2'' (referred to as MPS1 and MPS2 respectively) and the findings from two student dissertations analyzing classroom pedagogies from videotaped classroom teaching and students' problem solving in pairs, both derived from MPS1 database. Based on the web-supported video cases, we have developed for MPS2 in support of teacher development in pedagogical content knowledge and skills, we seek continued funding to further develop high quality web-based interactive video cases from the rich and solid baseline data of Singapore mathematics classrooms and our on-going data analysis and coding work. From earlier iteration design cycles and those involved in Lesson Study work at CRPP (2006-present), we have learned to take better advantage of the powerful potential of web technology and interactive digital media (IDM) in creating a virtual community of practice (VCoP) to draw together diverse and busy members of the communities (teachers and students, teacher educators, researchers and policy makers) where elements of the sophisticated case knowledge resides. When these diverse members interact with the video cases and other cognitive tools through guided viewing, analyzing and critiquing in the virtual learning environment, they not only widen their repertoire of teaching strategies but also understand students' thinking and reasoning when solving mathematical problems and interacting with peers. Their participation in the VCoP is shared through discussions with other members in the web forums. In so doing, teachers participate as both consumers and builders in knowledge construction. Unique to our work, while the cases designed to generate pedagogical resources in the VCoP, the participation and sharing in the virtual environment regenerate new cases with more nuanced facets to guide continued learning in the VCoP, making it a regenerative learning ecology. The research dimension aims to find out what constitutes and how to develop a rich and educative video case facilitated by interactive IDM and web technology and how to scale it up and sustain the effort by strengthening such a VCoP.

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