Investigating the Effectiveness of Language Awareness Approaches to English Language Teaching in Singapore Secondary Schools

Project Number
OER 21/15 LCY

Project Duration
January 2016 - December 2018


Adopting a mixed-methods design, this project seeks to investigate the effectiveness of culturally responsive language awareness approaches to English Language teaching (ELT) in dialectally diverse secondary school classrooms in Singapore. A pedagogical intervention, based on "language awareness" approaches to ELT, will be carried out in the experimental phase, with outcome measures based on: (1) student’s pretest and posttest scores on a written test of English competency; and (2) a survey questionnaire of students’ motivations and attitudes towards English learning. A range of statistical methods will be deployed to test the hypothesis that the intervention leads to significant increases in students' English proficiency scores and attitudinal measures. Qualitative data, consisting primarily of classroom ethnographic observations and interviews with teachers, will be collected concurrently as part of an embedded mixed-methods design. The aim is to adduce explanatory support for the statistical findings, and to illuminate the influence of teacher-student relationships and teacher beliefs on the success or failure of the intervention. We hope that the findings from this study will offer locally contextualised empirical evidence to support the international scholarship on the positive effects of language awareness approaches in ELT.

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