An Investigation of the Impact of Instructional Leadership Practices and School Culture on Staff Performance in Singapore Primary Schools

Project Number
OER 22/14 NFS

Project Duration
March 2015 - October 2018


This study investigates the impact of Instructional Leadership practices and School Culture on staff performance in Singapore schools. It is one of the three collaborative research projects drawn from a programmatic study. The programmatic study itself builds on the previous MOE funded baseline study on school leadership and organization change (OER CD 3/10). The purpose of this study on Instructional Leadership and School Culture is to investigate the nature, causes and consequences of the constructs and variables and how interrelated factors involving teacher and organizational capacities in Singapore's context might affect teaching effectiveness and ultimately affect student learning. The study also aims to address the gaps in the knowledge base of Singapore school leaders' practices in affecting staff and organizational capacity. The proposed study employs a partially mixed sequential dominant status design (Leech and Onwuegbuzie, 2009). More specifically, this study will be undertaken in two phases that occur sequentially with the greater emphasis of the quantitative phase. The quantitative data will be collected first using survey instruments and then analyzed. The findings of the first stage are hoped to provide an initial picture on the impact of instructional leadership practices and school culture on staff performance in the Singapore school context. The second stage involves collecting qualitative data from focused group discussions (FGDs). The purpose of this stage is to scrutinize more fully and deeply issues, particularly the complexities of responses elicited from the FGDs.

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