Factors Influencing the Teachers’ Use of Motivational Strategies in the Classroom

Project Number
OER 22/15 JW

Project Duration
February 2016 - February 2019


Using Self-determination Theory as a theoretical reference, the project aims to examine the antecedents that could affect teachers’ need satisfaction and self-determination. In turn, this study investigates how teachers’ motivation influences the use of motivational strategies in the classroom. Third, we also examine the outcomes in terms of students’ motivation as a result of teachers’ motivation. Therefore, in this present study we adapted the model of antecedents of teachers’ motivation in physical education in Taylor’s work, and seek to investigate the antecedents which influence the motivational behaviors of teachers in the classroom. Based on the aforementioned research, we test the revised model of Taylor et al. (2008) in physical education. It is hypothesised that autonomous causality orientation, perceived job pressure and teachers’ perceptions of student self-determined motivation directly influence teacher’s need satisfaction, and autonomous causality orientation also has a direct influence on teachers’ self-determination. Teachers’ need satisfaction have direct and indirect (through teachers’ self-determined motivation) influence on use of three motivational strategies in the classroom. This model has not been validated in any other studies or academic context. The research questions are: 1. What are social factors in our present context, in terms of perceived job pressure, causality orientation, and teachers’ perceptions of student self-determined motivation, that influence need satisfaction in teachers in the classroom? 2. How will being self-determined, lead to teachers employing motivational strategies (namely, attempt to gain understanding of their students, provide instrumental help and support, and provide a meaningful rationale to students)? 3. Do these motivational strategies really result in need satisfaction in students, leading to self-determined learning in the classroom? (with teachers’ motivational strategies at Level 2 and students variables at Level 1)

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