Infusion, Dissemination and Evolution: Seeding an Innovation from One School to a Few Schools

Project Number
OER 26/12 LCK

Project Duration
January 2013 - September 2015


The proposal is situated in a programme of research as a start to study the spread and evolution dimensions of scaling, leading to a better understanding of how the outcomes arising from researcher-driven interventions may be scaled across schools into wider practitioner-driven enactments. It studies closely the process of how a school's experiences in designing and practising an innovation can be spread to and then evolved in a few other schools. Our objective is to propose a model of scaling that can be operationalized and validated to understand how innovations can be spread and evolved across schools which are generally not well understood. Thus, this research will: - study how the design principles and theories which informed the original research projects can be subsequently shared and spread - assess whether there is sufficient preparedness in the participating schools in terms of school-readiness for adopting and adapting innovations which are developed to some degree to enable scaling to occur next - assess how different schools with different contextual conditions (e.g. academic ability levels of their students, etc), will respond, uptake and adapt an innovation for evolution, leading to an understanding of what scaling entails for schools with such different conditions. This research proposal will enable NIE, schools and MOE to derive a deeper understanding of the factors that influence the spread and evolution of innovations: - school-readiness with accompanying school leadership support, availability of resources, current capacity, etc. - specifications or guidelines for spreading an innovation - in order to inform policy makers on how different types of research projects could be scaled. Please note that this proposal studies a research-driven innovation; other innovations are also possible, e.g. a top-down initiative started by the Ministry of Education but this will not be in the scope of this proposal (but could be in a future proposal in this same programme of research). - dynamics, whether internal or external, leading to possible consequences or outcomes of spreading and evolving an innovation in contexts of different schools. - classification of schools (if any or if applicable) for which different scaling models might be applicable, and different resources, support, and strategies might be relevant.

Research Themes
Scaling & Translation

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