Design as Meaningful Interdisciplinary Learning Context for Science Learning

Project Number
OER 27/12 DH

Project Duration
March 2013 - September 2016


There are growing expectations that students leave school with strong thinking, social and personal learning abilities, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to solve complex problems. Students are also expected to respond to scientific issues and knowledge claims, and to expand capacity and productivity in this digital technology era. To meet these expectations, educational systems must be transformed in ways that will enable students to acquire sophisticated thinking and multiple literacy skills that are needed to be successful in work and life. Accordingly, this cross cultural study, through the use of ''student co-constructed'' digital storytelling, aims to introduce new ideas to motivate students to take ownership of their science learning, and to develop learning trajectory of how to educate students to be producers of scientific knowledge in order to advance the frontier of knowledge within and between their communities. The educational value of ''student co-constructed'' digital storytelling as a novel pedagogy in the learning (and teaching) of science across cultures (intercultural learning) will be explored. This study will attempt to address four dimensions of the nature of science proposed by Chiappetta and Koballa (2006) - (1) science as a way of thinking, (2) science as a way of investigating, (3) science as a body of knowledge, and (4) science and its interactions with technology and society. To construct digital stories, we will adapt Hung et al's (2004) framework of a good case story or narrative. While we conjecture that digital storytelling is a good way for students to make sense of their p-prims (phenomenological primitives), express and dialogue on ideas, and formulate scientific concepts, and hence enable science learning to be made ''alive'', there is so far no or few publications about the use of ''student co-constructed'' digital storytelling in the learning of science, not to mention the use of it in learning of science across cultures (intercultural learning). The findings of this study will provide coherent and comprehensive information of the educational value of digital storytelling in science learning, and will provide a model for the development of the 21st century learning where storytelling is an appropriation means for enculturation values relating to science.

Research Themes
Learning Science & Pedagogy

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