Playing and Learning with Dinosaurs In and Out of School Boundaries: Games, Discourse, Shared Spaces for Earth Science Education

Project Number
OER 29/09 BK

Project Duration
June 2010 - September 2013


The purpose of this project is to develop a conceptual framework for Game-integrated Experiential Learning in school context. Specifically, we would like to follow up on the grant (NRF2007IDM-IDM003-068) focused more on the design and development of an educational game called Voyage to the Age of Dinosaurs (VAD) that intends to support Singapore's secondary level Geography. Numerous commercial and educational games are developed to provide fantasy to the players and adopted to address certain educational topics. VAD prototype was not developed to use alone to solve all the learning difficulties within a fantasy setting; instead it intends to connect experiences and activities in and out of the game and in and out of the classroom. Using this framework, we would like to encourage learners' to connect their own ideas and experiences with geography concepts. By making meaningful associations, learners shift their role as passive information recipients to active meaning-makers. Their ideas and experiences include not only the immediately occurring ones through experiential learning activities but also the ones they had previously and concurrently outside of the classroom. Teachers of the two collaborating schools will be the main players of the design, enactment, and reflection process the game-integrated curriculum. We also hope that this process will encourage teachers' development in their professional practice.

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