Teacher Burnout and Teaching Effectiveness in Singapore

Project Number
OER 29/12 PDY

Project Duration
January 2013 - March 2017


Education in Singapore has been paramount since it does not have any natural resources, unlike its neighbors in Asia. The government of Singapore has fully understood the importance of the human resources and carefully formulated an effective education system to nurture the people in Singapore. Particularly, teachers in schools have played a pivotal role of developing future leaders with a shared sense of nationhood for the success of Singapore (Wang & Liu, 2008). In addition to the development of effective school curriculum, learning and assessments tasks, and new teaching technologies, more research should be carried out to examine significant organizational process and 'human side of work' in teaching profession at three levels of the pre-university education systems. What can be done to make teachers more productive and more satisfied on their jobs? When or how should teachers be organized into teams? How should jobs and organizations be designed to help teachers best adapt to changes in their school environment? Such wide ranges of organizational problems could be solved from knowledge derived from studying organizational behavior (OB) science. More specifically, an examination of teachers' burnout in the workplace, which ultimately influence teaching effectiveness, is essential to the development of knowledge about schools and the complex processes that operate within them. Therefore, the primary purposes of this research are twofold: (i) Among various attitudinal outcomes, the researchers will measure burnout syndromes and compare their differences among teachers across primary schools, secondary schools, and junior colleges (ii) The researchers will test the medication effects of burnout, by examining the relationships between various role stressors (i.e., role conflict, role ambiguity, and role overload) and affective (i.e., satisfaction and commitment) and behavioral (i.e., performance and turnover) that function as antecedents and consequences of burnout among teachers in the different educational settings.

Research Themes
Leadership & School Organisation

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