An Embodied Modeling-Based Inquiry Activity Towards Participatory Learning Environments

Project Number
OER 30/09 MSK

Project Duration
September 2010 - February 2014


This project will be continuation of the design research funded by NTU Start-Up grant (#RP7/06 BK), Virtual Space Exploration: Observing, Modeling and Understanding Astronomical Phenomena (Kim & Kim, 2007-2009). This project intends to (1) engage teachers and students in in-depth inquiry practice and support their astronomy concept formation in informal learning setting, (2) work with school astronomy clubs at a junior college to enquire why they are seeing certain things on the sky beyond the sky-gazing practice itself and (3) explore diverse ways of modeling activities for mediating spatial knowledge construction through joint and shared construction with teachers and students. Further, we will examine its impact on the practice of educators working with students in various educational settings by developing an embodied modeling-based inquiry activity (EMBIA). EMBIA will have the reflective practice of exploring systematic connections among different representations and functions of the conceptual components within the models while focusing on the deep exploration of key concepts by taking an interdisciplinary approach. We will work with two non-traditional educational settings: (1) astronomy club gathering at a local junior college; and (2) Science Centre, Singapore. With an emphasis on participatory learning environments, this project will make a contribution to help teachers and educators initiate and implement innovate learning activities involving technologies and multimodal tools.

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