Assessment for Learning in Singapore Classrooms

Project Number
OER 36/09 SP

Project Duration
May 2010 - May 2011


Assessment of academic achievement in Singapore has been important for many years to motivate students and to provide them with appropriate instruction. Summative assessments such as the PSLE and O and A level examinations have been used for tracking, league tables, and access to special programs. Although there is general satisfaction with the traditional summative assessments, there is also a growing need for formative assessments in classrooms that serve teachers and students more directly. The general label of ''assessment for learning'', AfL, has been used to describe classroom assessments that are given and interpreted by teachers on a daily basis to help provide differentiated instruction to students depending on their individual needs and talents. The general goal of this research proposal is to examine how schools create and implement AfL as well as document the specific features of AfL across grades and subjects. The research phase will gather data in two ways. First, we will work closely with schools selected by MOE to implement school-wide AfL initiatives, and we will use four schools as case studies of implementation to identify key features to successful AfL. Second, we will design surveys for teachers and administrators to collect their opinions about (a) what kinds of assessments are needed in various curriculum areas and grades, (b) what knowledge and skills teachers need to acquire, and � what resources and supports need to be provided by schools. Thus, at the end of the one-year project we will have opinions of teachers and administrators, evidence from schools implementing AfL, and advice from stakeholders about how to implement systemic and effective AfL initiatives.

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