Arts Research on Teachers and Students (ARTS): Pedagogies and Practices

Project Number
OER 37/08 LC

Project Duration
April 2009 - August 2011


The proposed research study is ground-breaking because, as the review of the research literature demonstrates, there is a dearth - a significant gap - of research in Singapore and overseas, that examines students' intensive, long-term involvement in the arts. The purposes of the proposed research project are to study the implementation of arts-infused curricula, examine pedagogical practices and evaluate the influences and impact of curricula on student development, engagement and outcomes. This proposal is the result of an extraordinary convergence among research objectives and opportunities. We are fortunate that the School of the Arts (SOTA) has invited the team to partner with them in this research opportunity. The results of this research project will contribute to the shaping of arts education, curricula, pedagogies, and future policy development in the arts in Singapore. This project has great promise to strengthen international collaborations and partnerships in the education of students in the arts in Singapore and internationally, such as Harvard's Project Zero (Cambridge, Massachusetts), Israel's National Committee for the Advancement of Gifted and Outstanding Students, and is synergistic with the newly UNESCO-funded NIE project for an Asia/Pacific Arts Education Observatory and contributes added value to the UNESCO project. The proposed study is tightly aligned w OER's goals, directions, and priorities and contributes to the vision of NIE as an ''institute of distinction''. Consistent with OER's signature areas (Hogan, 2008), the study will advance knowledge regarding pedagogies, evidence-based practices, curriculum development, disciplinary knowledge, school leadership, students' goals and motivations in an arts-infused curriculum. Of utmost importance to Singapore is the implementation of systematic research of students who are talented or potentially talented in the arts. In 2000, The Renaissance City Report envisioned Singapore as a Global Arts City in which the arts are vibrant and central to Singapore's future as well as to the Asian Renaissance in the 21st century (Renaissance City Report, 2000). In March 2004, the Singapore Government established SOTA, Singapore's first independent pre-tertiary arts school. Its vision is to nurture students who are talented in the arts, the next generation of artists and creative professionals and individuals who are passionate for, and committed to the arts in a multi-cultural society. SOTA offers a cutting-edge connected arts and academic curriculum for students, ages 12 through 18 in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.

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Music & Arts

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