Pedagogy and Disciplinarity of Singaporean Teachers' Classroom Discourse: A Corpus-Based Integrated Approach

Project Number
OER 37/09 HHQ

Project Duration
June 2010 - May 2013


As part of the Core I project in 2004 and 2005, CRPP researchers collected more than 500 hours audio recordings of Primary 5 and Secondary 3 teachers talking to students during lessons on mathematics, English, social studies, and science. These records have been transcribed, annotated and indexed in the Singapore Corpus of Research in Education (SCoRE) database so they can be searched for linguistic, discourse and pedagogical features. This proposed research intends to mine the SCoRE database in the abovementioned school subjects to identify key features of teachers' pedagogy. In science lessons, we will search for patterns of teacher talk that provide explanation and argumentation in science, models of teachers talking about the cognitive processes of scientific reasoning. In English, we will search for patterns of teacher talk that provide cognitive analyses of reading tasks and strategies, guides for students to think about text as they read. In social studies and science, we will examine misconceptions and teacher explanations. Finally, in mathematics we will examine the extent to which features of mathematics disciplinarity are present in teachers' and students' talk. The underlying theme of our analyses will be to identify the key features of classroom talk that provides pedagogical structure, argumentation, and explanation about ideas in the curriculum as well as instructional discourse about procedural, declarative, and conditional knowledge about the tasks in the classroom. The proposed project will provide deeper analyses and insights into Singapore classrooms in the four subjects than what has been reported thus far in the Core I project. This project is resource efficient in the sense that it taps on an existing resource (the SCoRE database) that had already been developed by CRPP. Finally, this proposed project not only will provide a deeper understanding of the pedagogy of the four subjects in Singapore classrooms separately but also creates opportunities for different researchers to synergistically create a greater whole, for example by making comparisons of significant pedagogical features between subjects.

Research Themes
Core Baseline Tracking

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