The Implementation of a Broad-Based, Inquiry-Oriented Curriculum within a Singaporean Senior School Context: Transitional Experiences, Challenges and Enablers

Project Number
OER 52/12 LJY

Project Duration
April 2013 - November 2017


Schools have now seen the necessity to be learning organizations (Los) that are 'skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying [their] behavior to reflect new knowledge and insight' (Garvin, 1993, p. 80), (H. Silins & Mulford, 2002). Although it seems intuitive that schools should be Los, the literature has suggested that very few schools would qualify as Los (Conzemius & Conzemius, 1996; Fullan, 1995; Isaacson & Bamburg, 1992). Patnaik,Beriha, Mahapatra & Singh (2012) for instance have raised the sensitization to the fact that ''although educational organizations may well be involved directly with the learning process per se, but that does not automatically make them learning organizations in the true sense of the term'' (p. 154). Scholars have attributed it to the fact that LO is at a relatively early stage and that further research are needed to recognize and corroborate the fundamental dimensions of LO to improve knowledge performance. The aim of this project, as an issue of purpose and direction, is to investigate the perceptions of school practitioners' on their school as a LO, and to inquire on processes that favour the development of learning organization by identifying the enablers/barriers faced by school practitioners, to better understand how we can strengthen and sustain schools' capacity in their quest to be learning organizations.

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