The Use of a Mobile App Training Program to Improve Functional Communication in Children with Autism

Project Number
OER 63/12 MFN

Project Duration
June 2013 - October 2016


Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of commonly diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorders that have seen a significant increase in diagnoses in recent years. Limited resources and high costs have prevented many Singaporean children with ASD from receiving prompt and timely intervention. The proposed study is the first of a three-phase, ten year research project designed to test the use of mobile application platforms to deliver evidence-based intervention effectively and efficiently support the learning of children with autism. The primary purpose of this first phase is to examine the effectiveness of using a mobile application to train parents to implement naturalistic behavioural intervention strategies so that children with autism will experience improvement in their functional communication. It utilizes a multiple baseline design conducted in two parts. In part 1, the mobile application is developed and tested for its effectiveness in training parents to learn new skills to enhance functional communication of their child with ASD. In part 2, parents who have been trained via the use of mobile application will generalize their new skills to at least two family routines to facilitate and improve their ASD child's communication. The effectiveness of this generalization is measured. Treatment acceptability and satisfaction are also examined.

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