Novel 'Stimuli' Responsive Polymer Surfaces: Development, Characterization, and Application in targeted Water Treatment

Project Number
RI 1/15 RGR

Project Duration
March 2016 - March 2019


The goal and purpose of this comprehensive inter-disciplinary research project is to develop materials with surfaces functionalized with new stimuli-responsive polymers. These materials with well-defined morphologies will respond to multiple external stimuli such as changes in pH, temperature, types of salts, types of surfactants and ionic strength. The proposed specific morphologies include, (i) polymer grafts, (ii) polymer brushes, and (iii) non-leachable spherical polymers on solid supports. The functionalization/modification of the following surfaces are proposed in this project, (i) polymer membranes including thin films, (ii) polymer fibers, (iii) carbon nanotubes, and (iv) graphene. The developed new materials with functionalized surface are expected to respond reversibly to a variety of external stimuli and to exhibit properties that are best-suited for targeted applications in water treatment. These include the removal of heavy metals, toxic dyes,pharmaceuticals, and harmful pathogens. These will be achived by controlled polymerization methods.

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