Recall of Sponsors in Swimming Competitions: A Study using Eye Tracker

Project Number
RI 4/14 LHK

Project Duration
July 2015 - June 2017


Sponsorship of sports events is a commonly used marketing communication tool for many commercial organisations. Of the many studies conducted on sponsorship, a large number had been focused on measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship. This is mainly in terms of whether spectators to a sponsored sports event take notice of the sponsors and are able to recall the brands after watching the event. With most studies conducted on events with a longer duration, it remains to be established if the effectiveness of sponsorship in terms of the rate of recall of sponsored brand will be diminished when the sponsored sports event is of a shorter duration. Eye tracking devices have been argued to be more reliable means to examine the relationship between exposure and memory. However, the use of eye-tracking devices in sports sponsorship research remains limited. Consequently, in this study, it is proposed that eye tracking devices be used to examine the effectiveness of sponsorship in sports events of short duration.

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