Values of Youths: A Cross-Cultural Study

Project Number
RI 6/13 CYS

Project Duration
August 2014 - November 2016


In 2011, Singapore’s Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat articulated values driven education as an initiative for future education in Singapore. MOE has clearly defined six core values as the required outcome for students. They are “respect”, “responsibility”, “resilience”, “integrity”, “care” and “harmony”. However, researchers, educators and even political leaders have differing views on the constituent value components for inclusion in the system. For example the values related to ““attitudes towards dating and marriage” and “materialism or attitude towards money”. A lot of discussion and arguments related to Asian values and classified Singapore as a country to hold Asian values. Asian values were portrayed including “hard work”, “sacrifice “, “strong family ties and filial piety” and “an ordered society”. Regardless of the importance of value components that make it crucial for the nation to support and/or a government to promote, it is more important to ascertain our youth’s beliefs in these value components and their capacity to absorb it. If we want to educate our youth to possess these values, we need to know their real beliefs of these values and the possible gaps between what they believe in and what we want them to be. The proposed research project aims to learn youth’s value system, which bases on the six core values proposed by MOE and the other important value components in their life. In the literature, there is no study found to cover the value components as this project mentioned. For reaching the goal, a survey questionnaire will be developed after qualitative interview is conducted. A large sample self-reported survey and peer-evaluation survey will be finally conducted. The project also aims to include young Chinese participants as a data point for comparison with Singapore youths.

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