Geographies of High-tech Development: Exploring Urban Policy Mobilities and Grounded Realities

Project Number
RI 7/14 DKD

Project Duration
August 2015 - August 2019

In-Progress (Extended)

The primary objective of this project is to explore the policy trajectories of neoliberal high-tech urban development in Hyderabad and document the human geographies of resistance, resilience and reworking by the locals. Drawing from the theoretical lens of ‘splintering urbanism’, this project will seek to understand how neoliberalizing initiatives have impacted Hyderabad’s contemporary urban development through emulating urban policies from Singapore and Malaysia, by installing modern premium infrastructures and software enclaves. The project further aims to document the human geographies of high-tech development in Hyderabad by providing insights into the everyday practices of locals and analysing the ways in which the high-tech Hyderabad have been accepted, resisted and negotiated through their everyday practices.

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