Contemporary identity of Singapore musicians: Interpretations and translations within historical, social, cultural and musical contexts

Project Number
RI 8/15 LCH

Project Duration
May 2016 - March 2018


Living within a multi-racial and globalized space like Singapore presents a plethora of possibilities in terms of musical diversity to which local musicians can tap from to listen, create and perform. The identities of local musicians are also constantly shaped by historical, national, cultural, social and musical contexts with which they have experienced and will be contending with on a regular basis. Continuing from previous research work from the larger fields of ethnomusicology, popular music, sociology of music and more specifically the deep probing on issues of cultural diversity and transcultural arts (Schippers, 2010, Hargreaves, Miell & McDonald, 2002), a pertinent question is asked about how Singapore musicians explore and experiment within this milieu of musical cultural diversity and negotiate the complexities of their contemporary identity against the backdrop of Singapore’s historical, social and cultural space. It is also interesting to uncover the creative processes which the musicians go through within themselves in their musical groups, with other groups of musicians exploring a similar direction with relevance to cultural diversity, or with other (individual/groups of) artists across various arts disciplines. This proposed qualitative research study aims to examine local musicians’ views of their contemporary identity within the globalized space of Singapore and their interpretations/translations within historical, social, cultural and musical contexts. Of key interests are also their creative collaborative frameworks and their extensions of community as contemporary local artists.

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