Teacher Education and Problem-Based Learning: Psychological Perspective

Project Number
RS 1/13 TOS

Project Duration
July 2013 - January 2016


A model of teacher education for the 21st century, the V3SK model, consists of three value paradigms that guide the programs and practices at NIE. From the psychological perspective the three values are: learner centered thinking, teacher personhood development, and social collaborative learning. Learner centered values require teachers to put learners in the centre of their work, and recognise that every child is unique and capable of learning. Given today's profile of learners and rapidly changing environments the teacher needs to be an adaptive and thinking teacher. The use of problem-based learning (PBL) approaches adapted for various settings is highly relevant to innovating pedagogy across various programmes. Understanding the psychology of teacher identity development continues to be important in shaping pre service programmes and practices. The use of PBL in teacher education for developing a thinking teacher involves understanding of content knowledge visibility, teachers' thinking visibility, learners' thinking visibility and learners' metacognition. This project aims to integrate developments in PBL and psychology to ensure that teacher education programmes draw on new developments and their implications for practice.

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