Investigating Varieties of World Englishes (IVWE), Phase I

Project Number
RS 1/15 LEL

Project Duration
April 2015 - February 2017


Varieties of English have been typically represented as three concentric circles known as Inner Circle varieties such as British and American English, Outer Circle varieties such as Indian English and Singapore English, and Expanding Circle varieties such as Chinese English and German English (see Kachru 1982, 1992). These three circles largely correlate with ENL (English as a native language), ESL (English as a second language) and EFL (English as a foreign language) respectively. Since the inception of the Three Circles Model, World Englishes has been one of the fastest developing areas of linguistic research and has hence received increasing attention in the research scholarship. There have been published monographs such as Kachru (1982, 1992), Jenkins (2003, 2009), Kirkpatrick (2007) and Mesthrie and Bhatt (2008), handbooks such as Bolton and Kachru (2006, in 6 vols), Kachru, Kachru and Nelson (2009), Kirkpatrick (2010), and book series such as 'Asian Englishes Today Series' edited by Kingsley Bolton, 'Dialects of English Series' edited by Joan Beal, Karen Korrigan and April McMahon, and 'Varieties of English around the World Series' edited by Edgar W. Schneider and Stephanie Hackert (for detailed list of titles published under these series, see Part 3 of 'The Routledge New Book Series Proposal' in Appendix I). These published works have focused on various aspects of the spread of English across the world and have considerably contributed to the relevant research field. However, given the burgeoning development in the field and growing demand from researchers and educators for relevant resources especially in the new territory of World Englishes, there is a need to update some of the existing research and, more importantly, there is an exigency to extend the research scholarship to areas that have not hitherto received due attention. To fill these gaps, Routledge is committed to publishing a book series under the title of 'Routledge Studies in World Englishes Series' (henceforth 'the Routledge World Englishes Series', of which the PI of this proposed project is the series editor (see the Routledge Book Series Agreement in Appendix II). Compared with the existing book series listed above, the Routledge World Englishes Series (1) offers wider coverage of varieties of English than, for example, the 'Asian Englishes Today Series' and the 'Dialects of English Series'. The Routledge World Englishes Series covers Englishes in Asia as well as Englishes in other continents; (2) the Routledge World Englishes Series includes some new titles on varieties of English that have not been given coverage in the existing book series, e.g. 'European English' and 'Englishes of the Arab World'; (3) for those volumes with similar titles, the Routledge World Englishes Series will approach the topic either from different perspectives or present a state-of-the-art coverage with new empirical evidence; (4) the Routledge World Englishes Series will provide more updated research than some of the above-listed titles and consider exciting new paradigms to explore.

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