Pedagogy in NIE Teacher Education: Review, Support & Enhancement

Project Number
RS 10/14 SD

Project Duration
March 2015 - November 2016


'Teacher Education Model for the 21st century" or TE21 was grounded in the belief that 21st century learners call for 21st century teachers. The TE21 Report serves as NIE's blueprint for transforming its teacher education model to be 21st century-ready. One of the recommendations in TE21 is the need to establish a "pedagogies strategy and framework" ensuring that appropriate and effective pedagogies are adopted in the curriculum to equip learners in NIE with the range of instructional strategies needed for classroom teaching for 21st century. In supporting the recommendation, it is imperative to conduct a thorough review of the current pedagogical approaches and strategies currently adopted by the different academic groups in NIE. The review will serve to record the current approaches adopted in NIE, and to identify areas of needs or enhancements. The information gathered can form the foundation upon which NIE can further improve and/ or enhance its pedagogical approaches and harness relevant technological affordances to support the pedagogical approaches to be adopted within NIE courses. An online pedagogical database will be developed to feature the current approaches adopted in NIE. This database will be expanded to incorporate other pedagogical approaches, with the aim of proliferating additional approaches within NIE courses. The NIE faculty need to be supported in their quest to increase student engagement, pursue deep learning, create collaborative teams for his or her students, and harness the affordances of technology to enhance the learning experience. In addition to the pedagogical database, the aim of the research project is to provide support in the area of technological integration into existing current pedagogical approaches. The research project is divided into three phases. The first phase is a review of the current pedagogical approaches and teaching strategies adopted in NIE. The review would provide valuable information of the current status in NIE, call attention to gaps that need to be examined, and provide suggestions/solutions for enhancement. The second phase involves the creation of an online pedagogical database. Working in close collaboration with Cel, pedagogical approaches adopted in NIE will be documented, captured in video format and featured in the online database. In addition, other pedagogical approaches will also be compiled and included in the online database. The online database may feature animations, how-to videos, etc. serves as a sharing platform and a useful resource for both the faculty and learners in NIE. The third phase would combine the findings from the review in terms of the gaps found within the system in NIE and exploration of emergent technological tools that support teaching and learning for the 21st century. The study would suggest refinement, modification and exploration of new tools within the Learning Management Systems, BlackBoard as well as other technological tools which enhance teaching and learning.

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