On-the-job school counselling supervision, counsellor self-efficacy and professionalism enhancement - Exploring the effects of counselling supervision for Allied Educators (AEDs) in Singapore Schools

Project Number
RS 11/14 TSY

Project Duration
January 2015 - June 2016


It has been shown that supervision can bring about an increase in counsellors' effectiveness, accountability, competence and job performance and satisfaction. Hence this project aims to explore on-the-job counselling supervision for Allied Educators (AEDs) in schools by collecting data on existing and preferred supervision practices, the perceived gains and barriers to structured group supervision, and the impact of supervision on their self-efficacy and professionalism. This will provide useful information on counselling supervision needs to further improve the quality of NIE's training and on-the-job supervision of AEDs. This will help to produce highly competent and caring professionals for the total development of the student population in Singapore.

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