NIE Sitting made Less sedentary

Project Number
RS 2/13 MC

Project Duration
April 2013 - October 2015


The purpose of the pilot study is to examine the efficacy and feasibility of using a commercially available seat cycle (Aibi EZ Tone Chair) to make sitting less sedentary at work at NIE among management appointment holders using a cross-over design. New and novel ways of intervening at fragmenting sedentary periods at work and at play would be necessary to prevent large segments of the population from falling 'prey' to the 'sitting disease'. Some have likened 'sitting' to the 'new smoking', since sitting too much, over the long term can kill. No research intervention has apparently intervened in the manner that is used in the pilot study, where multi-factorial and holistic potential outcomes are alluded to. Therefore there is a need for more novel approaches by way of intervention to make sitting time less sedentary throughout the day that is sustainable, minimally intrusive and time-saving. Research into increasing accumulated energy expenditure with NEAT-type behaviours on a daily and continued basis is not only 'neat' but 'cool'. The results of the study will provide the pilot evidence for an application for national or international competitive grant funding, which will involve industry-university research and development and medical physiological monitoring during intervention that could have far researching impact the promotion of effective healthy lifestyles among Singaporean youths and adults.

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