Design of metal complexes for potential biomedical applications

Project Number
RS 3/14 YYK

Project Duration
July 2014 - June 2016


My research programme is focused on the design and synthesis of metal complexes for potential biomedical applications. This is an area of substantial current interest, as reflected in the publication of numerous papers on this topic in prestigious journals. The success of the metal-based anti-cancer drug, Cisplatin 3 has provided considerable impetus for the search for new metallodrugs with a broader spectrum of action and lower side­ effects. My goal is to design metal complexes with anti-cancer properties and to probe the molecular mechanisms of the bioactivity of these compounds. I also hope to understand the structure-activity relationship of these compounds and study their interaction with biomolecules such as DNA, amino acids and peptides. The ultimate aim is to design more potent and target specific drugs which exert anti cancer effects with minimal toxicity towards healthy cells.

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