Dialogism in English Language Teaching

Project Number
RS 4/13 PT

Project Duration
November 2013 - December 2015


The main aim of this project is to examine the classroom discourse of English Language (EL) lessons within the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context in China to ascertain the extent to which dialogic teaching and learning takes place, if at all. The focus will not only be on the nature and degree of dialogic interactions between teacher and students, but also on how teachers help their students to negotiate between their first language (i.e. Chinese) and target language (i.e. English), in order to let them experience and embrace the English 'language in its concrete living totality' (Bakhtin,1984, p. 181). 'Dialogism' in this project is operationalized not only in the dialogue that transpires between the expert teacher and novice learner, but also in how teachers shuttle between Chinese and English in order to facilitate the interanimation of the two languages.

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